Monday, November 2, 2009

Three Course Meal for Breakfast?

Ello! We have just spent a couple of well earned relaxing days in the countryside by the sea in this town called Ballycotton. We went there to meet up with our friend from Corvallis Natalie who is going to the Ballymaloe cooking school (apparently an internationally known program). Halloween was at this tiny bar called the Blackbird, I think everyone from the three villages in the area all came there that night. Theresa and I didnt dress up unfortunately but everyone else did, allthough I liked Theresas idea of wrapping toilet paper around our necks and being toilet paper rolls! The bar closed down eventually and the bartenders decided to go home and leave all the townspeople inside. Now what would you think would happen in Corvallis (or anywhere else for that matter) if bartenders did that? I guess people are trustworthy in tiny villages in Ireland. We had to find a place to stay but of course there are no hostels there so we opted for a B+ B. It was a little pricey but we didnt really have a choice. It ended up being the most comfortable sleeping experience we've had on this trip and the shower was like a massage!( the toilet was scary though) Everyone was really nice but I dont know if they knew what to make of us. We had that moment where we walked in and everyone turned in their seats to gawk at us. They were probably thinking "Who would want to visit our tiny little village?!" The next morning we were invited for lunch at the ballymaloe school (it was breakfast for us) that started with shellfish (mussels, prawns, oysters...) washed down with fresh homemade lemonade. Then onto meat pies, salad picked that day from the organic garden, baked potatoes, broccoli, fresh bread, and pickled cucumber. Dessert was seaweed pudding with coffee and whiskey caramel sauce, carrot cake, lemon cake, chocolate chip cookies, ginger cake, fresh whipped cream and so many other things I cant remember. After eating we realized that we had to walk a couple miles back to Ballycotton. We eventually stumbled back. I think its about eight pm and Im still not hungry. It was nice to see Natalie and if it hadnt have been so expensive we might have stayed longer, alas we find ou rselves in Cork again trying to figure out our next move. Gallaway? Limerick? Who knows! Fun stuff . Only nine days u ntil our return, its bittersweet for sure. But I am not giving up on adventure yet! Oh yeah and we did end up kissing the Blarney Stone only to find out that I guess locals make a game of sneaking up there and pissing on it. What can you do? It was a beautiful place though, very mystical. mm yeah. kk bye!

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