Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beards would be convenient

So Chelsea and i have left London, to continuing being its rainy crowded self. It was great to see Canden, again thank you! And thank you to the whole Schwantes family for the gift, i really appreciate it!
We took a plane to Dublin on Saturday and spent a few days exploring the city. Our hostel in Dublin was nice but let me tell you, worst showering experience i have had in a long while, the showers have these little push knobs so the water comes in spurts and you have to keep pushing the button the whole time, plus there is no way to control the temperature. The joy of having hot water was quickly over powered by the fact that our skin was scalding.
We went to the Guinness storehouse one of the days, where we took the tour and got to learn all about the process of making Guinness and the history of the brewery, with a free Guinness at the end (apparently they have a 9000 year lease on the property-9000 years there is some foresight for ya) We saw some cool churches and some really cool buskers on the main streets. We also went to the Jameson distillery where we had real Irish coffee, and Jameson hot chocolate (both delicious!)
Our last night in Dublin we went to the Temple Bar. We had heard a lot about it but it looked pretty small from outside so we had passed by it a few times, but it was our last night so we had to stop in for a quick look around. Turns out it has all these different rooms and live music every night. It was super cool, so a quick look around turned into a full night out, listening to really good live Irish music and sing alongs with the whole bar. It was fantastic.
We have left Dublin for now and are currently in Cork, where it has been constantly misting since we got here. I really don't care though, i love Ireland! Last night we met this cool couple who are also from the states, we ended up talking all night in the bar at our hostel. They told us there are buses everyday that go the Blarney stone so we may end up doing that later today.
Well, off to see more of misty, cold, absolutely awesome Ireland. More later!

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