Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is is Paris? Is It Amsterdam?...No...It's SPACE PICKLE!

Theresa Here-
So the "reliable" internet has arrived and i though i would take this opportunity to write a few little things about Amsterdam, even though Chelsea and I are not there anymore, and may not get to go back as we originally planned. Amsterdam deserves its own post i think.
So to recap a little on how we got to Amsterdam- We met two girls from Australia, Katie and Nicole, in Rome. They were heading to Paris and then on to Amsterdam. We thought we would go to Switzerland, Germany and then Amsterdam, but somehow on their last night in Rome they had us clanking our glasses together promising to meet them in Paris. So we did, we spent our last night in Rome in the creepy nun hostel and then hopped on a last minute plane to Paris.
Our Paris hostel was not quite as creepy, just sort of reminded me of a boat a little, but that didn't matter because we really didn't spend anytime there. We met up with Nicole and Katie and walked around Paris, my knees were hating me by the end. We saw a few random sights, and then of course the Eiffel Tower, where we had a lovely picnic of cheese bread and wine and watched the lights. ( The Eiffle Tower gets lit up with red and white lights at night, it has this sort of search light at the top, and for a few minutes after dusk it lights up with flashing white lights all up and down the Tower, very cool.)
After Paris we caught a train to Amsterdam, and then of course we were in Amsterdam.
Soooo Amsterdam....was amazing, besides the fact that all four of us could not feel our feet (or hands or arms or faces) for 90% of the time, due to the ridiculously cold weather we encountered there, we all loved it. The people there were all so nice and everyone rides bikes. The best part about the bikes are the sort of family bikes. They have little seats on the front and back of the bikes or a sort of wheel barrel things on the front that kids ride in. Like the mini van of bikes. Pretty cool (and a little weird). We stayed in a pretty laid back hostel that we booked ahead of time (for really cheap) turns out they messed up and gave us a private room for the four of us with our own bathroom for the same price, we kept our mouths shut! We spent alot of time wandering around, went to a few museums saw a lot a bridges, found a neat little market. The house of Bols and the Anne Frank House were both really interesting.
One of the first nights we were there we stumbled upon (and by stumble i mean spent twenty minutes walking around in circles looking for) a cheap, cozy out of the way pub. We thought we would just stop in to get warm, but we started talking to some of the people and the bar tender convinced us to come out with him after the pub closed. I have no idea what the Pub was called but the bar tenders name was Bryan, so for the remander of our time in amsterdam we just called in Bryans Pub. It was our temporary local.
The time passed to fast, Amsterdam is by far one of my favorite places now. But we had to get to London so Katie and Nicole could catch there flight home. That is where we are now, and will be for a few more days, then on to Ireland!

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