Friday, October 16, 2009

Internet? What Internet?

Hello all,
So chelsea and i wrote a post this morning all about our time in paris, and our new travel buddies and getting to Amsterdam. Unfortunatly the internet at the hostel we are staying at is crap, and so it was all erased. Niether chelsea or I have the energy to write a whole new one so we are saving it for a rainy day in london (where we will be very soon).
I will breifly update our trip though. We went to Paris with two girls we met in Rome. Stayed there for a few nights saw the Eiffel Tower...yeah yeah. It was amazing and Chelsea and I will definitly be going back on this trip. Then the four of us got on a train and now here we are, Amsterdam.
We will try to upload pictures and add some more posts soon, hopefully there is reliable internet in our future.

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