Thursday, October 8, 2009

Venice. The Pit Stop.

Our stay in the beautiful city built on water was a short but sweet one. We were there a total of ten hours which were spent roaming the streets, markets and bridges. We ran into Lenny and Carol a few times (small city!) and had to say good bye everytime, just to see them again in an hour or so. We contimplated staying the night but it was way too expensive, so we bought train tickets to Rome on a whim! The train was to leave at 11:30 pm, and as we were walking down the street we ran into Lenny and Carol again, turns out they had planned a birthday celebration for me and they were hoping to find us before we left. So the night was spent eating chocolate cake (they had candles and all!) and drinking champagne. It was more than we could have hoped for. We said goodbye (if you are reading this, you made our night! Thanks!) and hurried to catch the train. We were hoping to get at least a few hours of shut eye but ended up making even more friends in our compartment. We met a guy named Jose who didnt speak very good english but he spoke italian and spanish so we spent the evening drinking wine (out of plasic cups and water bottles, classy). When two more italian guys joined us the rest of the conversations were disjointed translations, Jose translating italian into spanish and theresa translating spanish into english. its interesting how, even if you cant communicate with words very well, you can still make amazing friends just for a night. On. To. Rome!

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