Saturday, October 24, 2009

I can't Believe It's not Australian!

Chelsea here, So our Aussie friends left us a few days ago and we havent really known what to do with ourselves since then. London is interesting for sure, I am looking forward to not almost getting hit by cars every time I cross the street. But its just kind of cold and wet here (like home!) and its very big. Theresa's cousin Canden was really great and since we could finally sleep in, we did. A lot. we also watched a couple movies which we havent done since we were back in Oregon. We needed that time to just chill though. We were kicked out yesterday and in an effort to save money we decided to walk to our hostel at Hyde Park. Mostly I just hate the tube, with a firey passion. So with our massive packs on our backs, and smaller ones in our arms, we trekked out into the cool night air with our maps in hand. Eventually we took refuge under a tree in the park, our feet and back aching. We contimplated sleeping there but then we thought of the free breakfast in the morning and heaved ourselves up. (it ended up being that we had gross tea and white bread with fake butter and jam, they snatched the cereal off the table before we had a chance to have any) Finally we made it, our last night in London was uneventful, we watched crappy music videos in the lobby and then went to bed. But we are both geared up for Ireland! two minutes left on the computer so Im signing off.

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