Thursday, October 1, 2009

We All Have Salt Beards

So the plan was to leave Milos on the 26th. Our Ferry left at 5:25 in the morning we left our room at 5:20. We ran with our backpacks and all, to the dock (which in our defense was only a five minute walk away from our room) just in watch it sailing away. So what do you do at 5:30 in the morning with all your belonging, a loaf of bread, some yogurt (which we were planning on eating in the comfort of the Ferry) and a very small carton of orange juice? Well, we sat on the bench in the port watching people waking up and feeling very sorry for ourselves. It wasn't so bad except the next Ferry didn't leave for two days. But two more days on a small greek island really isn't the end of the world.

Since we had two extra days we decided to find a part of the island called Parafragas. Supposedly a very beautiful part of the island. But the bus driver had other plans for us. He stopped at a bus stop miles from any town pointed at the side of the road and said "papfragas". So we got out, and found nothing.
All we wanted was a beach, so we gave up on finding Papfragas and hiked into a deserted little town with a quiet little beach and finally went swimming!
Then, because the next bus that came through the middle of no where didn't come for over an hour, we walked to Pollonia the nearest town with food and a place to stay. (Which took us at least an hour-and lots of hills, not to mention all of the chafing)

We found a nice german couple who rented us a room for cheap and we explored the town of Pollonia for two days, then we made sure to catch the early bus and be the first in line for our Ferry to Crete on Monday.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a fun adventure and it looks like the weather is good. As you write your blog and post pictures please note where some of the pictures are taken. For example the last picture on the posting was taken in -------. So where was the last one taken - in Crete? Love, Laine