Friday, September 25, 2009


Feta Goes Good With EVERYTHING!

As they say, everything you need to see in Athens you can see in a day. Which is what we did, not much to share, it was cool to see thousand year old pillars and relics from ancient civilazations but we left the litter and stray dogs for the beautiful island of Milos. The ferry ride was about eight hours, we took turns napping and it actually seemed to go by pretty fast. The best part was that we made it all on our own! Of course we went to about three different ferries before finding the right one but we made it with a few minutes to spare.

We found a cute room to let from this little greek woman named Nina (who does not speak very much english and kept trying to tell us things in greek, with great gusto, that we didn't understand). Our room is very quaint and cozy with no television and one bed. We have our own little porch that looks onto the town with chairs and a table. Its perfect for meals and morning coffee!

Our first island meal was spaghetti with feta and a greek salad! So fresh (No lettuce or dressing) it was a perfect dinner! Mostly we have been buying food at the market and eating makshift meals, but we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out! Well worth it and relatively cheap.

We walked around the island and explored the capital, trying to find a beach before the sun went down but we had no such luck. Still the day wasn't wasted, we stumbled upon some gorgeous views of the island and the ocean! Yay!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Crete!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Just So Happens I Have One In My Purse!

Hey everyone its the Cookie Monster. Just wanted to appologize for not keeping up on the posts, I know that you're all at your computers waiting with baited breath for my next post so just wanted to let you know I am great now that the other half of my medallion has been returned to me! I was a little homesick over the weekend but nothing a little island called Agistri with white sand, warm sun and a little camping with a friend couldn't cure! Until next time!

If it's not a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup then i don't want it

Twenty one long hours after leaving PDX, i finally arrived in the Athens Airport. Chelsea and i met up with out any problems got a cup of coffee (which was terrible) and then got on what we thought was the metro. It wasn't. Atleast we were heading in the right direction though. We finally got onto the real metro and proceeded to the last station on the track. It was dark by the time we got there and very loud but we found a payphone and called our lovely couch host Chris whom came to pick us up. Thank god because i was about ready to fall asleep standing up. I was all prepaired to take a nice hot shower change in to comfy clothes and pass out when i got to their house, but it was chris's birthday and all her friends were waiting when we i joined in the celebration instead. It was a perfect first night in greece. They have this awesome three bedroom apartment with about six doors that open onto different parts of a porch. Everyone here is very nice so far and Chelsea and I now have a handful of places that we "have to see" in greece, Chris's brother even sketched us a tiny map of Crete (which i'm sure we will have no trouble misreading). They all love the Doors (apparently Greek music sucks) so we listened to records, ate pizza and Chelsea made everyone lemon drops. So far i love it here, one more night on the outskirts of Athens, then on to explore Greek islands.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After three excruciating flights, like four and a half movies, and over 24 hours with zero sleep I finally stepped off of the plane into Athens. Dimitris and I recognized each other right away and one of the first things he told me about Greece as he handed me a helmit, was that Greeks are the worst drivers in all of Europe. He proceeded to prove it to me as he weaved in and out of traffic passing trucks, cars, other motorcycles, and oncoming traffic. Apparently Greek cars don't have turn signals and stop signs mean "Look around, but don't bother slowing down". This was my introduction to Greece. Perfect. My backpack was pulling at me the whole way and my eyes threatened to shut a few times but I managed to stay awake if only to see the scenery. I assure you all (especially you moms out there) that Dimitris is a very wonderful driver. His "flat" is amazing with two patios open with a fresh breeze, definetely fresher than Florida! I will upload pictures as soon as I can! Until next time!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Leaving Disney World

Hey All!
I am leaving the most magical place on earth tomorrow morning thank god! Or is it the happiest place on earth I can't remember...Anyways its actually been a lot of fun here, as you probably know, I looove roller coasters, and hate children-- these things greatly conflict here at the land of spoiled kids, grumpy parents and kick-ass G-Forces!! The best part of Disney World though was the knew friends that I made, who are in an amazing band called Nova Era, Maria-Luisa was so sweet and motherly, she's from Italy so she gave me really good advice about traveling over there and her husband Andres gave me some interesting ideas about career paths! Daniele is a true Venecian ( I hope I spelled that right) and they were all so sweet to me! I know I haven't even left the country yet but I've already made such amazing friends, I'm sad to leave and not get to see them play every night. Oh and Daniele and I got an awesome tour (from a guy who used to teach glass blowing in eugene, Theresa!) of a sweet island full of amazing wildlife and real banana trees! I'm glad I got to see the real Florida and not just Disney World. Well I guess its time to move post will be from accross the seas!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

65 Hours and Counting

I know that technically I shouldn't be posting yet because I haven't left yet but its so close! I realised that I am actually kind of scared to be galivanting off to Europe with no more than a backpack, some money and a good friend. I guess that should be enough to keep me pretty secure feeling but all the things that make my life comfortable and familiar remain here. Besides Theresa I guess. I think when I leave on monday I will pretend that I am just going to Disney World and back, I'll just be gone a week! Then when I get on the plane to come home, I will fall asleep and forget about everything and hours and hours later when I get off the plane yawning, stretching and looking around for my friends and family to pick me up, I will realize that everyone is speaking jibberish and the signs are just unfamiliar foreign symbols and some guy with dark hair and a big smile will walk up to me and say "Hey Dolphin!" and I'll realize I'm in Greece! All I have to do is survive one week in Athens until Theresa comes and we can start our Jaunt accross Europe.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello To All

Chelsea and I are about to embark on our three month long trip to europe! This is our combined blog so everyone will know we are still alive and can keep up with our adventures if they so choose. (also we won't have to write five million post cards).