Monday, September 14, 2009

Leaving Disney World

Hey All!
I am leaving the most magical place on earth tomorrow morning thank god! Or is it the happiest place on earth I can't remember...Anyways its actually been a lot of fun here, as you probably know, I looove roller coasters, and hate children-- these things greatly conflict here at the land of spoiled kids, grumpy parents and kick-ass G-Forces!! The best part of Disney World though was the knew friends that I made, who are in an amazing band called Nova Era, Maria-Luisa was so sweet and motherly, she's from Italy so she gave me really good advice about traveling over there and her husband Andres gave me some interesting ideas about career paths! Daniele is a true Venecian ( I hope I spelled that right) and they were all so sweet to me! I know I haven't even left the country yet but I've already made such amazing friends, I'm sad to leave and not get to see them play every night. Oh and Daniele and I got an awesome tour (from a guy who used to teach glass blowing in eugene, Theresa!) of a sweet island full of amazing wildlife and real banana trees! I'm glad I got to see the real Florida and not just Disney World. Well I guess its time to move post will be from accross the seas!

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  1. That's how i felt when i was in Disney land. I guess it's hard to enjoy when you're a cynical teenager and when your in your twenties you already know Santa Claus doesn't exist, so spending your free time parading around the stucco world of make-believe seems a little lavish. But then again roller-coasters make me hurl and puppets creep me out.