Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If it's not a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup then i don't want it

Twenty one long hours after leaving PDX, i finally arrived in the Athens Airport. Chelsea and i met up with out any problems got a cup of coffee (which was terrible) and then got on what we thought was the metro. It wasn't. Atleast we were heading in the right direction though. We finally got onto the real metro and proceeded to the last station on the track. It was dark by the time we got there and very loud but we found a payphone and called our lovely couch host Chris whom came to pick us up. Thank god because i was about ready to fall asleep standing up. I was all prepaired to take a nice hot shower change in to comfy clothes and pass out when i got to their house, but it was chris's birthday and all her friends were waiting when we i joined in the celebration instead. It was a perfect first night in greece. They have this awesome three bedroom apartment with about six doors that open onto different parts of a porch. Everyone here is very nice so far and Chelsea and I now have a handful of places that we "have to see" in greece, Chris's brother even sketched us a tiny map of Crete (which i'm sure we will have no trouble misreading). They all love the Doors (apparently Greek music sucks) so we listened to records, ate pizza and Chelsea made everyone lemon drops. So far i love it here, one more night on the outskirts of Athens, then on to explore Greek islands.

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