Friday, September 25, 2009

Feta Goes Good With EVERYTHING!

As they say, everything you need to see in Athens you can see in a day. Which is what we did, not much to share, it was cool to see thousand year old pillars and relics from ancient civilazations but we left the litter and stray dogs for the beautiful island of Milos. The ferry ride was about eight hours, we took turns napping and it actually seemed to go by pretty fast. The best part was that we made it all on our own! Of course we went to about three different ferries before finding the right one but we made it with a few minutes to spare.

We found a cute room to let from this little greek woman named Nina (who does not speak very much english and kept trying to tell us things in greek, with great gusto, that we didn't understand). Our room is very quaint and cozy with no television and one bed. We have our own little porch that looks onto the town with chairs and a table. Its perfect for meals and morning coffee!

Our first island meal was spaghetti with feta and a greek salad! So fresh (No lettuce or dressing) it was a perfect dinner! Mostly we have been buying food at the market and eating makshift meals, but we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out! Well worth it and relatively cheap.

We walked around the island and explored the capital, trying to find a beach before the sun went down but we had no such luck. Still the day wasn't wasted, we stumbled upon some gorgeous views of the island and the ocean! Yay!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Crete!


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