Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling tired? Have some Raki! Hungry? Have some Raki! Don't like Raki? Have some Raki! Yamas!

The title pretty much says it all. We made it to crete, met some wonderful people, saw some beautiful sights and enjoyed the sun and sand as long as we could.
First day we arrived in Iraklio at five in the morning, it was peaceful and serene, because everyone was asleep. We had to kill five hours before we could use internet or go to the hostel. So we found refuge in a starbucks (which i hate to admit but thank god for it) and had the biggest cup of coffee we could buy. We planned on going to zaros to stay with vivi, and her dutch friend Erwin who was also in iraklio rescued us and we rode with him to zaros. We had our first taste of snails and liver, lots of Raki (which people on crete drink like water) and the best meal of our trip so far. Vivi is an amazing cook and has a sweet little tavern which we spent the evening at.
After Zaros we went to Chania for a few nights, hanging out with a group of people in the building next to us playing music and snacking all night. (and of course there was Raki).
Thats the jist of Crete.
Forty some odd hours later, after taking a bus to a port, then a ferry to yet another port, then a metro to a train, which took us to a bus, which in turn took us to another train, where we waited for twelve hours to take a thirty some odd hour ferry to venice. Ahh the joys of travel.
In the Ferry waiting station, we met a family who was waiting for the same ferry. Carol, Lenny, Ryan, and Lilly. They are from Florida and on the last leg of their trip. We spent the majority of our wait time sharing travel stories ( i think we've almost got them convinced to go to burning man! If your reading this guys you have to go!) it made the wait much more bearable. We finally got on the ferry and said GOODBYE to Greece! And hello Italy.

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